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Welcome to RAW photography Manchester


Why RAW (did I hear you ask?)

Firstly, we have a RAW passion for photography and for portraying people and pets alike.

Secondly, from a technical perspective, RAW is a format that allows the camera's sensor to capture all of the details, however small, and at RAW Photography Manchester, we believe that nothing should be left out. Whether it be on your big day, your child’s chocolate cake smile on their perfect portrait, or the eyes of your pet bursting with love (or hunger, you never know which one it is), every moment counts.

Last but not least, we take that RAW image and turn it into a timeless and vivid memory for you to look back on.


Who we are:

A young and dynamic couple of passionate professional photographers (with a pet rabbit and an impending wedding of our own, which means that we know everything about the desire to immortalise that cute little wiggly nose and the best day of our lives!)


What we do:

We offer a wide range of photography services: weddings, events (corporate events, parties, birthdays, christenings…) and portraits (people and pets).


Why we do it:

Because we want to give you creative memories to cherish forever (and the 7-figure salary that comes with it … eventually).


Where we do it:

We are based in Manchester but ready and willing to travel to you.

What we are most proud of is our ability to put you and your loved ones at ease and get the perfect shot.